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Power Generation

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Essar Power Limited set up India's first new generation independent power project at Hazira, India, in the late 1990s


Essar Power currently has eight operational power plants in India and one operational power plant in Algoma, Canada, with a total installed generation capacity of 3,830 MW. This capacity is increasing to 5,090 MW.

Essar Power — Hazira (515 MW)
Commissioned in October 1997, the Essar Power-Hazira power plant is a multi-fuel (naphtha, high-speed diesel, natural gasoline liquid and/or natural gas) combined-cycle power plant located near the Essar Steel facility in Hazira, Gujarat.

Essar Steel and GUVNL, the Gujarat State power utility, purchase 215 MW and 300 MW of the power, respectively. They are responsible for providing the fuel required at the power plant to generate the power.

Bhander Power — Hazira (500 MW)
The Bhander Power-Hazira plant, located in Hazira, Gujarat, is a natural gas-fired combined-cycle captive power plant. The plant was commissioned in 2006 and commenced full commercial operations in October 2008.

Essar Steel and other Essar Affiliated Companies are responsible for providing the natural gas required by the Bhander Power-Hazira plant, and in turn take the power generated pursuant to their PPAs with Bhander Power

Salaya I — Gujarat (1,200 MW)
The Salaya I power plant, located near Essar Oil's refinery complex at Vadinar, Jamnagar district, Gujarat, is an imported coal-fueled thermal power plant with two 600-MW generation units. Salaya I Unit 1 (600 MW) started commercial operations from April 2012. Both the units of the power project have been operating exceptionally well.

Currently the coal for the power plant is being imported from Indonesia and in future coal for the plant will be extracted from Essar Energy's captive coal mine in Indonesia.

Salaya plant has been awarded for its environment credentials. It has been recognised for being the lowest Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emitter amongst all coal fired power plants in the country.

Mahan I — Madhya Pradesh (1,200 MW)
The Mahan I power plant is a 1,200 MW (2x600 MW) captive coal-fired pit-head power plant located in Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh. Mahan I Unit I began commercial operations in December 2012.

Essar Power MP Limited, which owns and operates the Mahan plant, has won the Tokisud North coal block in auction, providing fuel security to the plant.  The block has extractable coal reserves of 52 MT.

Essar Power Orissa-Paradip (4 X 30 MW)
The Essar Power Orissa-Paradip power plant is a coal-fired power plant comprising four generation units of 30 MW each located in Paradip, Orissa. The first phase of 60 MW was commissioned.

Paradip is a well-equipped and serviced port, an advantage for the supply of imported coal.

Essar Power MP-Mahan (1,200 MW)
The Essar Power MP-Mahan project is a 1,200-MW (2x600 MW) domestic coal-firedpower plant located in Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh.

Essar Power Jharkhand-Tori (1,200 MW)*
The Essar Power Jharkhand-Tori (EPJL) project will be domestic coal fired power plant being set up in Latehar district of Jharkhand. It will comprise of two generation units of 600 MW capacity each.

Fuel for the project will be sourced from the domestic sources which include coal blocks won via e auction or linkage from government sources.

Essar Power Jharkhand-Tori Expansion (600 MW)*
Essar Power Jharkhand also proposes to expand the Essar Power Jharkhand-Tori power plant through the installation of an additional generation unit of 600 MW.

The fuel for the expansion will be sourced from the domestic sources which include coal blocks won via e auction currently or linkage from Govt. sources.

Essar Power Hazira-Hazira (270 MW)
The Essar Power Hazira-Hazira project, located at Hazira, Gujarat, will be fueled predominantly by imported coal and corex gas fines from the adjacent Essar Steel corex plant and comprise two generation units of 135-MW capacity each.

Fuel for the project is supplied by Essar Steel, Hazira.

Essar Power Orissa-Paradip (120 MW)*
The balance two units of 30 MW each of Essar Power Orissa-Paradip power plant, a coal-fired power plant,will be commissioned in a few months’ time. Orissa. Paradip is a well-equipped and serviced port, an advantage for the supply of imported coal.

Fuel for the project is supplied by Essar Steel Orissa.

Algoma Power Plant — Canada (85 MW)
Essar Power (Canada) (formerly Algoma Energy LLP) owns and operates the Algoma Power Plant in Ontario, Canada. This 85 MW co-generation plant was commissioned on June 13, 2009. The plant's facilities include two 375,000 pound/hour boilers and a 105 MW turbine. The power plant converts waste gases into electricity and steam for the steelworks. And 63 MW of the power produced is sold to the Ontario Power Authority pursuant to a 20 year power purchase agreement which expires in 2029.

* Under execution



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