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Essar Ports' cargo traffic grows by 25% in FY 2016-17

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April 05, 2017 Bookmark and Share  
  • Bulk and unit cargo grows by 52%
  • Liquid cargo grows by 11%
  • Third-party cargo traffic increases by 60%

Mumbai, 5 April 2017: Essar Ports, which operates port terminals on the east and west coasts of India, has recorded a 25 percent growth in cargo traffic in FY 2016-17.

The consolidated cargo handling across the company’s five operational ports in Hazira (Gujarat), Paradip (Odisha), Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Salaya (Gujarat) and Vadinar (Gujarat) rose to 72.86 million tonnes in FY 2016-17, compared to 58.27 million tonnes in the previous fiscal. Third-party traffic grew by 60%.

Essar Ports' cargo traffic grows by 25% in FY 2016-17

Cargo Handling (in million tonnes)

Q4 FY17

Q4 FY16





Dry & Unit cargo







Liquid cargo







Ports (consolidated)







Dry and Unit cargo
The growth in Essar Ports’ dry bulk cargo has been a remarkable 52% at 30.39 million tonnes in FY16-17 as compared to 19.97 million tonnes in FY15-16. The anchor customer of Essar Ports’ dry bulk terminals in Hazira, Paradip and Visakhapatnam is Essar Steel.

  • The 30 million tonne Hazira Bulk Terminal manages dry bulk, break bulk and project cargo for Essar Steel’s 10 million tonne Hazira Steel Complex. The terminal is being expanded to 50 million tonnes capacity
  • The 16 million tonne dry bulk terminal in Paradip handles pellets for Essar Steel. 
  • The 16 million tonne terminal at Visakhapatnam handles both iron ore and pellets for Essar Steel NMDC and other major steel players. It is being expanded to 32 million tonnes

The substantial growth in cargo traffic at these ports indicates the heightened activity and capacity utiliation at Essar Steel.  

Liquid cargo
Essar Ports’ Vadinar Oil Terminal, which receives crude and dispatches finished products for Essar Oil’s 20 million tonne Vadinar refinery in Gujarat, recorded a growth of 11% of liquid cargo. It recorded a throughput of 42.47 million tonnes in FY16-17 compared to 38.30 million tonnes in FY15-16.

Commenting on the performance, Mr Rajiv Agarwal, CEO & MD, Essar Ports, said: “I am delighted with the robust growth in cargo traffic across our ports and terminals in FY17. I am especially happy about the remarkable growth in bulk cargo because that is where the future lies. We expect higher growth in the coming years because of increasing capacity utilisation by our anchor customers and heightened economic activity in the country.”

About Essar Ports
Essar Ports is one of the largest port companies of India, with a current capacity of 140 MTPA. The capacity is being expanded to 194 MTPA over the next few years. Essar Ports has five operational port terminals at Hazira, Vadinar, Paradip, Salaya and Visakhapatnam.

The Hazira port is an all-weather, deep-draft port with 30 MMTPA of dry bulk and break bulk cargo handling capacity. Vadinar is also an all-weather, deep-draft port with 58 MMTPA of liquid cargo handling capacity. The Paradip dry bulk terminal is an all-weather, deep-draft port with 16 MTPA of dry bulk cargo handling capacity. The Visakhapatnam terminal is an operational berth that was taken over in May 2015 and has a capacity of 16 MTPA. The Company’s newly commissioned dry bulk terminal at Salaya has increased its capacity by a further 20 MTPA.

The Company is expanding its Hazira port capacity by 20 MTPA, which will take the capacity to 50 MTPA. The Company is also undertaking capacity addition of iron ore berths at Visakhapatnam Port with a total capacity of 16 MTPA.

Media contact: 
Manish Kedia, Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs , Essar
Phone: +91 98197 30092, Email: manish.kedia@essar.com

Ravi Muthreja, Vice President - Corporate Communication, Essar
Phone: + +91 99301 34566, Email : Ravi.Muthreja@essar.com

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