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When safety is of utmost importance

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Essar Projects has been winning awards and recognition for its safety and health management practices

May 05, 2015 Bookmark and Share  
Over the years, Essar Projects India Limited (EPIL) has won some of the most coveted honors for its safety and health management practices. This is in addition to frequent recognition from clients and other reputed national and international institutions. EPIL's Hydrocarbon, Heavy Engineering, and Mineral and Metals SBUs have bagged several accolades as well. These awards and recognition are testament to the culture of safety that runs deep within the organization. 

Honors galore for Hydrocarbon SBU 
EPIL's Hydrocarbon SBU received a letter of appreciation from its client Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Refinery at Paradip in Odisha. The team was appreciated for completing 35 million man-hours without lost time incident (LTI) between January 2012 – 2015.
The team at the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) Refinery in Kochi, Kerala, was acknowledged for achieving one million man-hours without LTI during October 2013 – December 2014. The EPIL team received the BPCL Kochi Refinery Contractor Safety (Runner-up) Award in recognition of its systematic and meticulous planning and the prudent safety measures adopted to achieve this goal.

The accolades for the Essar teams don’t stop there. Their work at the Coke Drum Structure Package (CDSP) project won an award from the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) for exemplary performance in health, safety and environment (HSE) management. The EPIL CDSP team was also awarded a three star rating for its HSE performance by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) - South Region.
EPIL believes that it is important to give due attention to the environment as well. The EPIL CDSP – BPCL Kochi team was conferred the Greentech Environment Silver Award 2014 for its robust environment and waste management systems.
Uniform quality by the Minerals and Metals SBU
EPIL’s Minerals and Metals (M&M) SBU was awarded by the CIDC for its work on the 270 MW Bhander power plant project at Hazira in the Construction Health, Safety and Environment category. The award lauded the team’s execution and attention given to various safety aspects of the project.

The SBU was also acknowledged by the National Safety Council with an award for high standards maintained for Occupational Health and Safety for the year 2012. This award was given for the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd (IFFCO) fertilizer project at Paradip in Odisha.
Going beyond the call of duty 
Apart from the clients’ requirements for safety, EPIL always goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the same level of compliance across all its sites. The Heavy Engineering SBU won the national level Shreshta Suraksha Puraskar in the manufacturing sector category for outstanding performance in Occupational Health and Safety for 2011– 2013.
“Our attitude to safety and our actions in ensuring the safety and welfare of our employees and all those around us is the very first parameter by which our customers and society judge us. The steps which we, as a company, have taken, and the results which we have achieved in recent years is very commendable, but safety is one area in which we can never relax. Therefore, I urge you to intensify your vigilance and effort even further and go on to build on this achievement to even higher levels” said Mr Alwyn Bowden, President and CEO, Essar Projects.
The awards and recognition stand testimony to the commitment at all levels and the teams’ efforts to maintain a high standard of safety on a personal and professional scale. This is the reason why Essar Projects can call itself a highly safety conscious EPC business.
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