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Knowledge Series convention held on Monitoring & Evaluation of CSR Health Programs

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July 19, 2017 Bookmark and Share  

Health programs are an integral component of CSR in India. These also remain important given the significant health related challenges that the country faces within its diverse demography and more so due to the perceived adverse impact of industrialisation on communities and environment. As such, health indicators and improvement thereof remain a key driver of health programs within the CSR space. Furthermore, as CSR in India is expected to further mature, it will not be sufficient enough to talk in terms of the number of people reached out/supported through health initiatives. Hence it is pertinent to have more strategic indicators that can be measured, monitored and reported back in terms of achievements and decision-making in such programs.

Knowledge Series convention held on Monitoring & Evaluation of CSR Health Programs

Essar Foundation’s multi-stakeholder discussion forum Knowledge Series, in collaboration with John Snow, Inc.(JSI), recently held a convention in Mumbai on ‘Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of Health Programs’ in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. Natasha Kanagat of John Snow Inc. USA presented M&E frameworks, monitoring & evaluation plans and logframes (or logical frameworks). Participants prior to the roundtable had raised questions around practical issues revolving around monitoring & evaluation (M&E) of CSR programs on health.


Some of the questions that were discussed were:

  • How do you monitor your health programs and the issues that you face in terms of M&E?
  • What kind of indicators do you use for your health programs’ measurement and do you find any gaps to be filled up?
  • Do high level health indicators such as MMR, IMR etc. hold any significance for your health programs or not? 
  • What convergence or complementarity you find amongst health indicators and other thematic indicators? 
  • How often do you think measurement of health indicators is required and/or viable?

The participants explored global best practices through a case study of a health program in Ghana. Participants from diverse CSR and non-profit organizations discussed real challenges in monitoring health programs. Knowledge Series has been holding a series of discussions around India’s public health landscape, this being the third in the health series so far.

About John Snow, Inc. (JSI)
John Snow, Inc. (JSI) is an industry leader in designing and implementing data-led public health programs. With projects in more than 100 countries JSI frames research, monitoring & evaluation through an implementation lens, and connects actors from across the health sector to strengthen health systems and improve the health of populations. JSI is headquartered in Boston, MA. http://www.jsi.com/JSIInternet/

About Natasha Kanagat
At JSI, Natasha is responsible for organizational strategy around research, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as managing research teams and projects. She has 11 years of global health experience in routine immunization, maternal, child, and neonatal health, health systems strengthening, health information systems and strategic planning. She has worked professionally in Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, Vietnam, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mexico, India, Zambia, Kenya and USA. She is also visiting faculty at the School of Visual Arts teaching a course on M&E in social innovation.

About Knowledge Series
Essar Foundation’s Knowledge Series is created with a long term vision of steering India’s CSR towards a more mature, more evolved direction. Knowledge Series is a neutral discussion and thought-exchange platform that collaborates with diverse organizations and individuals on a regular basis to generate discourse around pertinent issues of CSR and sustainability.

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