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Over the years, a number of quality initiatives have established our reputation as a sensitive, safe and responsible organization

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Our quality beliefs are enshrined in our Quality Policy: "We are committed to excellence in ship operations and firmly believe that this can be achieved through integrity, teamwork and consistent application of good steamship practices."

Quality is critical for two reasons: crude oil and petroleum products are volatile and require responsible transportation; besides, the size and velocity during movement may pose a risk to the immediate environment and other vessels.

To minimize risks, the shipping industry constituted the International Maritime Organisation (branch of the United Nations, headquartered at London) to administer standards. The IMO was established to evolve quality codes in the safety of personnel, safety of vessels and the protection of marine life. In 1987, the IMO formulated the first phase of safety management guidelines that became mandatory for tankers and bulk carriers from 1st July, 1998. The second phase is expected to be mandatory from 1st July, 2002 for other classes of vessels.

Quality Pioneer
We were the first Indian company to be awarded the ISO certificate by the Lloyds Register of Shipping in 1993. We were the first Indian company to be awarded the ISM 'Document of Compliance' in 1995 by the Directorate of Shipping, India, three years ahead of other players in the Indian industry. We were the first Indian, and amongst the first few international companies, to adopt 'ballast water management techniques' at a time when it was yet to become mandatory. Lloyds Register, UK, accepted our initiatives in cargo securing systems as an international standard.

We have invested in double hull double bottom Suezmax tankers. These are safer vessels since they possess two layers of metal protection against the conventional single layer.

Our user-friendly quality manuals have strengthened quality awareness on all its vessels. As a result, our practices conform to stringent quality and safety systems
To pool knowledge effectively, we have developed an ongoing database of all our learnings since 1995

Technical Operations
Technical operations are a critical driver of profitability. Shipping companies like ours that manage our technical operations efficiently, sustain a competent fleet that delivers cargo promptly to destinations and reinforces a reliable reputation in the process.

Our efficient technical operations resulting in smooth sailing, and a capacity utilization in excess of 90 per cent were achieved through the following initiatives:

Our day-to-day onshore monitoring of the fleet's speed, consistency and consumption of fuel, among others, immediately helps correct deviations from the established parameters
The team co-ordinates the checking, receipt of approvals, and fitness certificates from the Government of India, other statutory bodies, and oil majors
Our active communication process helps us to deliver spares when required to ships at their onward port of call
Our continuous check on the fitness of our vessels helps us co-ordinate the mandatory dry-dock operations - comprehensive repairs - at periodic intervals
Our ongoing vigilance helps us maintain vessels in accordance with the established international guidelines
Our competent technical operations help us recruit the right profile of officers


Dry-docking is the shipping industry's equivalent of a fitness test. Ships must undergo dry-dock repairs twice every five years. This is a mandatory industry requirement and covers all ships. Dry-docking prevents unscheduled stoppages that delay the arrival of the ship at the port and result in a loss of time and revenue. We follow this policy with diligence.
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