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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1. How do I transfer shares in physical form?

Q2. I have purchased ESSAR OIL shares long back but I forgot to get them transferred in my favour. What is the procedure that I should follow now?

Q3. How to transfer shares on death of shareholder? - Transmission of shares

Q4. What is the procedure for deletion of name on death of joint shareholder?

Q5. In case of joint holdings, in the event of death of one shareholder, how do the surviving shareholders get the shares in their names?

Q6. If a shareholder who held shares in his sole name dies without leaving a will, how can his legal heir/s (either husband/wife/son/daughter, etc.) get the shares transmitted in their names?

Q7. If the deceased family member who held shares in his/her own name (single) had left a will, how do the legal heir/s get the shares transmitted in their names?

Q8. A and B had shares in ESSAR OIL. Both of them died. How do I get the shares transmitted in my name?

Q9. I have already produced the attested/registered will. Since getting it probated would take a long time and money can I avoid that procedure?

Q10. The name of a joint holder was included only for convenience by the first holder. I am the only heir. Could you transfer the shares in my name as per the will/probate?

Q11. What is the procedure for issue of duplicate share certificates on loss of certificates?

Q12. How do I record change of my address?

Q13. I want to seek change of my name

Q14. What is Demat and what are its benefits?

Q15. I have purchased some shares in paper form. Can I directly give the share certificates to my Depository Participant for dematting them in my favour?

Q16. Is it a fact that ESSAR OIL shares are to be traded compulsorily in demat form? Do I have the option of holding them in physical form?

Q17. My shares are held in joint names. Are the joint holders nominees to the shares?

Q18. What is the procedure for nomination of my shares?

Q19. Can a nomination once made be changed?

Q20. What is the legal position of the nominee in case of death of the shareholders?

Q21. What is the procedure for the nominee to get the shares registered in his name?

Q22. I have shares in the demat form. Can I send the nomination form to the company for making a nomination with respect to my shareholding?

Q23. Can joint-holders request for a change of address?

Q24. Can there be multiple addresses for a single folio?

Q25. I am holding more than one folio in the same name. Can I consolidate these folios?

Q26. When I authorize another person to deal with my shares, do I have to report this to the company?
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